Revolutionizing Manufacturing: Embracing Efficiency and Innovation

The cost of manufacturing is a complex equation that integrates the labor burdened rate and inventory burdened rate. For every dollar spent on wages, an additional twenty-five cents or 25% is incurred as the burdened cost. This figure reflects the comprehensive expenses of employing workers, encompassing not only their wages but also benefits, taxes, and […]

The Importance of Micro Stoppages over Utilization downtime

Most monitoring systems ignore micro stoppages. These Utilization-Only systems do not provide the flexibility to identify and capture micro stoppages. “The Goal,” by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox, is a business novel that emphasizes the importance of optimizing the production process as a whole instead of focusing on individual parts or events. In the […]

Machine Metrics fails yet again!

Accurate, actionable data is the keystone of any monitoring system. If you can’t trust the data, then the system is not worth a cent. Arguably, the breadth of data depends on the type of connection to the machine. At the very least, if a monitoring system cannot track the simplest of events, then it should […]